We are four generations and counting. Since 1918, we’ve been producing the world’s best dairy products. Hard work and personal integrity are a part of all we do. We are the food providers, the keepers of the cows and the stewards of the land. We are the farmers of the Northwest Dairy Association.

It was the dawn of the 20th century, and Northwest dairy industry was booming. Many of the farmers were immigrants who came with our grandparents in tow. They were dairy farm families seeking greener pastures and a better life.

Way back then, Washington dairy farmers were producing more milk than the locals could drink. In 1918, a group of five Puget Sound area co-ops formed the United Dairymen’s Association to bring their butter, cheese and milk to new markets outside the area. By 1930, the United Dairy Association purchased Seattle-based Dickey’s Consolidated Dairy Products. With this historic merger came a new name: The Northwest Dairymen’s Association (or NDA) was formed when eight Puget Sound dairy co-ops merged into one big, happy family.

Almost 100 years later, we’re known as the Northwest Dairy Association. We’re still farmer-owned co-op with nearly 450 dairy farm families across four states. Through our subsidiary Darigold, we sell over $2 billion in dairy products each year. A lot has changed since 1918 – except for the tremendous pride we take in being dairy farmers.